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Undergraduate Programs: Admission Requirements

Students from Quebec, should hold a DCS in Sciences. For students with a DCS in Social Science or Commerce, there is a separate entrance requirement. Students with a DCS in other areas will be considered on an individual basis, but must have the requisite courses in Mathematics.

Applicants who have obtained a Diploma of Collegial Studies (DCS) or who expect to obtain a DCS prior to the start of classes are eligible to apply. McGill uses the "cote de rendement au collegial" (CRC) or "cote r" (rather than CEGEP percentage grades) for admission decisions for most programs.

a) For CEGEP students with a DCS in Science:
  • Biology competency NYA (00UK)
  • Chemistry competencies NYA, NYB (00UL 00UM)
  • Mathematics competencies NYA, NYB (00UN 00UP)
  • Physics competencies NYA, NYB, NYC (00UR 00US 00UT)
  • Students must have a Cote r of 24 in required sciences courses.

    b) For Students with a DCS in Social Sciences or Commerce:

    Applicants to the B.Sc. (Agr.) Major in Agricultural Economics will be admitted if they have completed Mathematics competencies 022X, 022Y (Caculus I & II for students in Social Sciences)

    An overall "cote r" of 24 is required with 24 or better in each of the Mathematics competencies. If accepted, students will be required to complete one course in each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, if these have not been completed as part of their CEGEP program.

    Students from other parts of Canada or other countries should contact the Student Affairs Office for more information on admission requirements.

    Detailed Admission Information: McGill Admission Requirements