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John Henning, Program Director for Agricultural Economics

Associate Professor and Program Director for Agricultural Economics

Vox: (514) 398-7826 (NO FAX, NO Voice Mail = send an email/text)

Office:  Macdonald Stewart Bldg., MS3-38

I see...and I forget, I touch, and I remember. I do, and I understand.

PhD. Agricultural Economics (1986) University of Guelph
BSc. (Hon.) Physical Sciences, (1976) University of Guelph

Research Interests

Economic aspects of ecological/organic/urban farming and food systems, organic standards and regulation, Grain marketing and international trade, and agricultural and food policy.

Current Course Websites

Past Course Websites:

These are courses I am no longer involved with. There may be some content here of interest.

Bibliography: Energy and Agriculture

Bibliography: Economics of Organic Agriculture

CPAC Conference, 1988, Fuel Ethanol Policy and Developments in Quebec

AICE Conference, 1988, An Input-Output Analysis of an Ethanol Industry in Canada based on Jerusalem Arichoke

Agricultural Economics
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