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Nicolas Kosoy

Assistant Professor

Tel: (514) 398-7944
Fax: (514) 398-7990
E-mail: nicolas [dot] kosoy [at] mcgill [dot] ca

Macdonald Stewart Bldg., MS2-79

Current Research

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Dr. Kosoy's specialization is in the field Ecological Economics, working with National Governments to internalise positive externalities such as Ecosystem services into their decision-making processes with particular emphasis on equity implications of commodifying nature. Furthermore, he has been directly involved in improving the capacity of developing country stakeholders in terms of the economic valuation of ecosystem services.

His research interests comprise the study of economic incentives for conserving nature, the analysis of economic institutions and the environment and economic history, among many others.


Ph.D. & MSc Ecological Economics Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain 2008
MSc Conservation Biology Kent University at Canterbury 2002
B.Sc. Biology Universidad Simon Bolivar Venezuela. 2001


McGill University
  • ENVR 201 Society & Environment
About me

Before arriving to McGill University, Nicolas Kosoy was the Environmental Affairs Officer from the Ecosystem Service's Unit at the Division of Environmental Policy Implementation(DEPI). He coordinated the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Implementation for the United Nations Environmental Programme. This programme entails engaging an ample variety of stakeholders at the global level to implement the findings of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment at the local, national, regional and global levels.

Nicolas has been working as a researcher in Barcelona, Spain dealing with carbon emissions inventories and energy efficiency from a socioeconomic perspective. He also lectured on ecological economics at the Autonomous University of Barcelona at the postgraduate levels, focusing on institutional aspects and markets for ecosystem services.



Agricultural Economics
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