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Macdonald Campus of McGill University
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Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que.

"The real problem of food production occurs within a complex, mutually influential relationship of soil, plants, animals, and people. A real solution to that problem will therefore be ecologically, agriculturally, and culturally healthful. ...A good solution improves the balances, symmetries, or harmonies within a pattern - it is a qualitative solution - rather than enlarging or complicating some part of a pattern at the expense or in neglect of the rest." -

Wendell Berry, Solving for Pattern, (1980)

When we kill off the natural enemies of a pest we inherit their work.
Carl Huffaker, University of California at Berkeley

Programs at Macdonald

(1) Minor in Ecological Agriculture:

This is for students registered in a Major Program at McGill. This was the first University program in Canada, established in 1989.

(2) Ecological Agriculture Option:

Students in Agricultural Sciences can select Ecological Agriculture as an option in their Major program.

(3) Certificate in Ecological Agriculture:

This program is for students who already have a first university degree (BSc.).

Program Descriptions
  (Minor and Certificate)

Special Notice: Winter 2005 Session  SOIL 445 Agroenvironmental Fertilizer Use

  This course will be available during the winter semester and can be used to complete the soils requirement for the Minor. If you wish to take the course as part of your Minor, you must contact me since we will have to complete a program change form, PRIOR to the Winter semester. (John Henning)

New Course of interest (not part of Eco-Agr programs:) ARCH 541: Selected Topics in Architecture 2:    SUSTAINABLE DESIGN OF THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT: Theory and Applications (3 credits)  Winter 2004 Semester
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The Macdonald center for students interested in Ecological Agriculture,
formerly the
Macdonald-Stewart Institute for Agriculture